Unsupported Features

Premiere Pro is currently known to not support the following features of the After Effects API:

(If you would like a feature with a “-” bullet, please email Premiere Pro API Engineering with the feature request. Numbers preceded by an ‘F’ are feature request numbers, and the others are bug numbers)

  • F7233 - extent_hint support

  • F7835 - Multiple PiPLs in a single plug-in

  • F7836 - AEGP support

  • F7517 - Audio support - if a plug-in sets PF_OutFlag_I_USE_AUDIO in PF_Cmd_GLOBAL_SETUP, it will not be loaded at all

  • F9355 - Support PF_ParamFlag_COLLAPSE_TWIRLY

  • PF World Transform Suite

  • PF AE Channel Suite

  • AE’s implementation of high bit color depth support

  • SmartFX

  • 3D support


But… Why’d You LOAD It If You Can’t RUN It?!

Premiere Pro attempts to load AEGP plug-ins. To detect this and avoid any problem behavior, your command hook function can access a suite which is only provided by After Effects; AEGP_CanvasSuite is a fine candidate.

If the suite isn’t present, return an error. The plug-in will be placed on Premiere Pro’s “don’t load these” list.