Version History

Revision Date Documentor Notes
31 March 2021 Sean Jenkin Updated Multi-Frame Rendering documentation for sequence_data changes and Compute Cache system. Added information for supporting Universal Mac binaries for Apple Silicon effect plugins.
1 June 2020 Field Kuang Multi-Frame Rendering is now supported in AE Beta builds. See Multi-Frame Rendering in AE for more details.
1 November 2018 Bruce Bullis 16.0 release
10 November 2017 Zac Lam 15.0 release
12 May 2017 Zac Lam CC 2017.1 (14.2) release
2 November 2016 Zac Lam CC 2017 (14.0) release.
21 July 2015 Zac Lam CC 2015 (13.5) release.
12 June 2014 Zac Lam CC 2014 (13.0) release. Corrections for accuracy. Removed old version references.
15 July 2013 Zac Lam CC (12.0) release. API version changes, misc small clarifications, more details in AEIOs.
26 April 2012 Zac Lam CS6 (11.0) release. Big reorganization of the AEGPs and Artisans. Many additions throughout.
2 May 2011 Zac Lam CS5.5 (10.5) release.
28 April 2010 Zac Lam CS5 (10.0) release. 64-bit porting info. Drawbot.
4 May 2009 Zac Lam CS4 (9.0) release. Complete reorganization of first three chapters. Fleshed out documentation on Premiere Pro.
1 July 2007 Bruce Bullis CS3 (8.0) release.
4 April 2006 Bruce Bullis Updated to reference new development system requirements and Xcode-specific issues. Some editing.
1 December 2005 Bruce Bullis Updated for 7.0. Added SmartFX documentation. Noted current suite version numbers throughout. Numerous editorial changes. Documented many new AEGP suite functions.
4 April 2004 Bruce Bullis Updated for 6.5. Expanded and corrected all documentation. Added documentation of all new AEGP functions.
20 July 2003 Bruce Bullis Major overhauls for After Effects 6.0. Added documentation for all new (and some old) suites, and many supporting details for effects.
4 March 2002 Bruce Bullis Updated Mac OS X details, expanded AEIO and AEGP documentation.
1 December 2001 Bruce Bullis 5.5 release. Added information on new outflags, PiPL changes, and additions and changes to the AEGP API. Numerous clarifications and edits.
2 February 2001 Bruce Bullis 5.0 release. Entire document edited and reformatted. Sections on 16 bit-per-channel color and parameter supervision, as well as the entire AEGP chapter, have all substantially expanded.
9 September 1999 Bruce Bullis Revised for 4.1; added General plug-ins and AEGP information. Added information on new selectors, resize handle.
1 January 1999 Bruce Bullis Version 4.0 SDK Release 1 - Added information on new global flags, custom data types, utilization of PICA suites, CustomUI messaging and parameter supervision, new callbacks. many editorial changes.
1 May 1998 Bruce Bullis Version 3.1 SDK Release 6 - Editorial changes only
17 April 1997 Brian Andrews Version 3.1 SDK Release 3 – First public release (really a pre-release) of the SDK for Windows development.
13 Nov. 1996 Brian Andrews Version 3.1 SDK Release 2 – Minor updates.
21 June 1996 Brian Andrews Version 3.1 – Final 3.x release.
5 March 1996 Brian Andrews Version 3.0 – Preliminary release for the After Effects developer kitchen.
August 1994 Dave Herbstman Dan Wilk Version 2.0.1 – Added support for PowerPC.
January 1994 Dan Wilk Version 2.0 – Updates.
January 1993 Russell Belfer Version 1.0 – Initial SDK release.